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Engineering Design & Drafting

High quality, innovative, custom solutions 

Whatever project you need designed, whether it’s a crane, pressure vessel, or design of a complex machine, it’s your reputation - and budget - on the line. 

Customers depend on us for the project that’s too important to leave to just any engineering company.

The devil is in the details 

Here at True Balance Engineering, we’re obsessive about details. 

Especially at the design and drafting stage. A thorough, well planned design and draft can ensure the project delivery goals are met. 

Engineering design process 

Conceptual design: Drawings including technical details, dimensions, materials, and procedures.

Embodiment: Concepts and systems transformed into workable systems to be further developed. 

Detailed design: Your design is refined - plans, specs, and estimates are created with outputs such as 2D and 3D models, procurement plans, estimated costs (including material, facilities, tooling, labour, and other support costs).

Get it right the first time 

We use a proven engineering design process based on extensive consultation to make sure we get it right the first time. 

It’s how we can guarantee you an exceptional custom design solution that will satisfy your project objective - at significant cost savings. 

Engineering Design & Drafting Service 

  • Ongoing consultation and onsite visits to keep you involved and ensure we meet all your requirements 
  • Latest 3D modelling software for accurate and innovative design options 
  • Environmental and safety issues considered 
  • Quality product and service aimed at maximising cost savings 
  • Designs will comply with relevant Australian regulations and codes 
  • End product that will exceed expectations.