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Component & Reverse Engineering

Component and reverse engineering is required when a component or spare part is not available anymore, or is not functioning properly - and the manufacturer cannot provide the necessary technical support. 

True Balance Engineering offers this valuable service to keep your expensive assets running at reasonable costs. We’ll gather the required technical information such as physical dimensions, features, and material properties - to effectively replace, improve, or support the component.

Even if the part is damaged, worn, or shattered, our experienced engineers can quickly and accurately get your asset working - and reduce your downtime so you can continue operations.

The reverse engineering process 

Our process involves a rigorous reverse engineering analysis, prototyping using CAD, Modelling and FEA. 

Before we even begin the process, we’ll conduct a life-cycle analysis and cost benefit analysis to make sure the reverse engineering process can be justified. Our clients find reverse engineering worthwhile if the components: 

  • reflect a high investment 
  • will be produced in significant quantities 
  • are essential to a mission-critical system. 

We provide warranty for all work provided, and support for the life of your asset.

Component & Reverse Engineering Service 

  • Accurate and quick replacement or improvement to components 
  • In-depth analysis, accurate prototyping, and full servicing 
  • Dedicated project manager from start to finish 
  • Ongoing consultation to keep you involved at all stages 
  • Warranty and ongoing maintenance available.