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Crane & Lifting Equipment, Design & Manufacture

True Balance Engineering has a strong reputation for quality crane design and crane manufacture. 

We have many years of experience in the design and manufacture of new cranes - including reverse engineering de-commissioned cranes. 

For existing cranes, we do a thorough inspection and repair if needed. Regular inspections and maintenance help to extend the life of this valuable asset. And there’s no problem if parts are no longer manufactured, our skilled team can quickly and easily reverse engineer and manufacture components. 

Types of cranes 

We inspect and service a wide range of custom cranes for indoors and outdoors. These include:

Crane services 

  • Inspections 
  • Maintenance & Repairs 
  • Design 
  • Component Manufacture 
  • Reverse Engineering 
  • Installation & Commissioning.

Jib / Davit cranes 

  • Low cost solution 
  • 50kg - 2.5 tonne lifting capacity 
  • Accommodate low headroom or can be top braced 
  • Freestanding or wall mounted 
  • Finishes: paint, galvanised, or stainless steel 
  • Manual or motorised slewing 
  • Can be manufactured for industry specific needs. 

Workstation cranes 

  • Lightweight solution 
  • Lifting capacity: up to 2 tonnes 
  • Low friction 
  • Powered hoisting system 
  • Mostly designed for manual operation 
  • Paint, galvanised, or stainless steel finishes.

Monorail cranes 

  • Custom and standard options 
  • Switch gates or turntables 
  • Straight or curved monorail 
  • Freestanding or building mounted. 

Bridge crane 

  • Wire rope or chain hoist 
  • Single or twin girder 
  • Top running or underslung 
  • Freestanding or building mounted.

Portable gantry crane 

  • Low-cost alternative to overhead crane 
  • Mild steel, stainless steel, or aluminium finishes 

Other cranes we service include: 

  • Loader cranes 
  • Derrick cranes 
  • Portal boom crane 
  • Vehicle loading crane 
  • Non-slewing mobile crane 
  • Slewing mobile crane.

Crane inspections compliant with Australian standards 

True Balance Engineering are called upon frequently to help employers meet Australian standard AS 2550 Cranes, hoists and winches — Safe use.

This standard requires regular general maintenance inspections, and more extensive inspections - to be carried out from 3 months (routine maintenance service), 10 years (major inspection) and 25 years (re-certification) during the working life of the crane. 


We regularly help organisations gain crane and lifting equipment re-certification through our industry leading plant and engineering inspection services. This is part of any well-structured preventative maintenance program. 

Major inspections are an important part of any preventative maintenance program - generally done at the end of a machine’s life. 

Note that major inspections may be required earlier under certain circumstances, such as: 

  • when there’s an overload 
  • structural damage 
  • the product has been imported 
  • concerns during maintenance activities. 

At our major inspection of cranes, we look at structural and mechanical aspects. We inspect for wear, fatigue, and cracking of all components critical to safety. 

You’ll receive a report on all hazards to health and safety in the workplace that may be present during: 

  • Commissioning 
  • Decommissioning 
  • Dismantling 
  • Set up and use.

What to expect 

  • Gain re-certification and peace of mind 
  • Expertise with a variety of cranes 
  • Full service from design to manufacture and compliance 
  • Fully compliant crane design and manufacturing methods 
  • Experienced and highly skilled engineers.